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Cogeneration Unit

Energy from100% Waterpower 2014

Energy from 100% Waterpower 2015

Since October 2011 we are running a photovoltaics construction of the brand SMA.
The power of this construction measures 16,560 kilowatt peak. The electricity produced by this construction is partly used directly for the hotels power consumption and the other part is stored in suitable power stores. Overcapacities are emitted to the public electricity network. As a result, we were able to reduce the usage of public electricity by approximately 20%.
57.600 kW were produced per hour which results in an avoidance of 40,3 tons carbon dioxide

In 2012 we completed our energy technology with a cogeneration unit of the brand EC Power (XRGI15). This construction produces 15 kW of electricity and 30 kW heat. The waste heat is used for hot water processing as well as heating. Our two buildings are connected with a district heating piping so that we don’t have to use further heating installations. However, there are periods in which the function of the cogeneration is restricted and the photovoltaics construction doesn’t produce any electricity due to a lack of solar radiation. This is why we are continuously connected with the public network. The usage of external sources is limited to electricity produced by hydropower. We hereby ensure to reduce carbon dioxide emissions as much as we possibly can.