BREAKFAST in the HEIDE RESIDENZ Paderborn.   Your private Hotel

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 fresh brewed coffee

Let the smell of coffee and freshly baked rolls seduce you in the morning. We take care of your well-being and make sure you will have enough energy for the day. Choose from a variety of delicacies at our vital buffet. Lactose- and gluten free products are available per pre order. Warm egg dishes as well as a diversity of coffee specialties are served right at your table by our hearty staff.
Breakfast selection
Different kinds of cereal, muesli, cornflakes
Fresh fruit, fruit salad, plain yoghurt
A variety of yoghurts and curd
Veggie Sticks, caprese
Sliced sausage (pork)
Sliced sausage (poultry)
Homemade sausage
Ham (boiled and raw)
Sliced cheese assortment
Soft cheese
Cream cheese
Orange juice, multi vitamin juice, apple juice
Freshly served egg dishes
Every morning i deliver fresh bread and rolls! 

 Tee Spacials from Althaus

Loose tea
Over 8 different kinds of tea are best served ”à la carte”. In their pure form the carefully chosen assortments can develop their full aroma. The connoisseur enjoys the opening of the tea leaves which find a worthy place in the appropriate presentation can.

Our Tea assortment
Bavarian Mint
Blauer Engel
Ginger Breeze
Sencha Senpai
Blue Earl Grey
English Breakfast
St. Andrews
Our brad and bread rolls assortment
Wheat, rye and poppy rolls
Whole grain, sesame and muesli rolls
Paderborner mixed wheat bread, rye bread
Whole grain bread and baguette
Opening times:
Monday to Friday       06:30 - 09:30 Uhr
Saturday, Sunday an public holiday
                                     08:00 - 11:00 Uhr